Thursday, June 26, 2014

Migraine & Headache Awareness Month #2 - X-Men (Or in my case, X-man)

It's been a not awesome month for me this June; unfortunately I have really been feeling unwell, and I'm incredibly behind on everything. But June is actually Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, and tons of spunky and interesting Migraine peeps have been blogging, tweeting, and otherwise giving cyberspace a heads up about different aspects of the migraine experience this June. You can swing by to see the roundup of all this hard work.

So - better late than never - the prompt I'm doing is #2: X-Men. Migraine & Headache Disorders Super Heroes: Who in your life goes above the call of duty and how?

My migraine superhero is, without a doubt, my better half, John. (People sometimes ask me why I refer to him as my better half instead of my husband, and the answer is simple: we never got around to making that long trek down the aisle together.) We are hitched via common law, however, and this past May 5th, we passed twelve years of being together, and ten years of being common-law-married/living-in-sin.

So, why is he my migraine superhero? So many reasons: John has brought me so many icepacks we should take out stock in a polymer gel company, has explored foreign countries by himself because I was in bed, and gone on ski trips where I couldn't actually ski, and done a ton of the heavy lifting in our relationship, all without complaining. John has gone so far above and beyond the "sickness and health" part of marriage that he should get some sort of trophy. (Preferably something bright and sparkly. Like disco ball. One that rains glitter and makes a lot of noise.) It's not everyone who'd be willing to adopt "we get there eventually" as a family motto, but John has done exactly this, without a word of complaint. Like, ever. On top of that, John has the best possible sense of humour, is generous, resourceful, and happy to spend most of our life sitting in the dark - literally, since most lights bother my eyes, and is loving, kind, and has the best heart I've ever seen.

He is my migraine super hero, and I could not possibly be luckier.

(I photograph like a walrus so there are almost no pics of me that I like, but even though they're *super* old I just happen to love these ones of us together. And no, I can't explain how my hair ended up on top of his head. I think it's fair to assume there was some drinking involved.)

Ma armastan sind, babe.

My second novel, The Migraine Mafia, is the story of a nerdy thirty-something's quest to come to terms with a chronic illness - and was inspired by how John and I have navigated life together (although all the bad parts are made up :)). It is available online everywhere.


Tania said...

Very nice. "Living in sin" (as you put it) or not, you have a beautiful relationship! Cherish it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've had it so rough lately. My superhero is also my better half or 'living in sin dude'.
Wishing you better health soon. Oh, and you have a lovely face so don't worry about the photos!
Keep strong,

Maia Sepp said...

Thanks guys!