Friday, June 06, 2014

An Etiquette Guide to the End Times - Now Available!

My latest release hits stores today! It’s a little different than my first two books: An Etiquette Guide to the End Times is a near-future dystopian novella (think global warming instead of zombies, although I do like a good zombie story) set in 2028. If you enjoy my contemporary fiction, you'll like An Etiquette Guide to the End Times, where the sun is hotter, people are crankier, and the bribes are tastier. (Sort of like if I dropped my usual characters fifteen years in the future. And then raised the oceans a bit.)

Read the blurb and excerpt and sign up for a giveaway here – it’s for a $10 Amazon Gift Card. 

Or pick up a copy for only .99 today:

    The Sock Wars - Maia Sepp

Thanks for reading! And please drop me a line in the comments and say hi if you get a sec.


Anonymous said...

Nothing 'arseways' about this quick read. It's quirky and humorous enough to withstand a surreally-real anti-utopian plot. The characters were just starting to fully bloom for my liking, and then it was all over quicker than the time it takes to down a double shot of espresso!
Please write more.

Maia Sepp said...

That's the plan, Jess! :)