Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Sock Wars Breaks the Amazon Top 100


I'm also currently #24 on B&N and I came sooooo close to the iTunes top 101 :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and the weekend. I'm finishing up the latest draft of my latest WIP (more on that soon), sitting in front of a fireplace. Looking forward to some celebrating tonight!!


Elysium Planitia said...
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Sarah Kolb-Williams said...


Anonymous said...

Just getting to the end of this book and starting wonder what on Earth I'm going to do without this author!
Migraine Mafia was not, as I predicted, a chore to read. Even post migraine, I self-medicated with the no-nonsense approach of just how destructive migraine can be. It cleverly inspires change from lifestyle choices in a way no health manual ever has for me.
Thank you

Maia Sepp said...

Thanks, y'all! Much appreciated.