Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The View From My Writing Room

I just got back from four days on our boat (a Grampian 30 sailboat), which is moored on Lake Ontario. My better half, John, and I spend most summer weekends on our boat, and I wrote a good part of "The Sock Wars" while on it. I did a bunch of edits on my upcoming novel, "The Migraine Mafia" this weekend, and this was my view:

Spoiled! That's me :)


Anonymous said...

You just go right ahead and be as spoiled as you like, especially if it means more books are produced. Thank you for the sock wars - it is a a really good book (yes, I know you already know that but I can't help repeating it... just ask my colleagues at work, they're just a little tired of hearing it)
I logged on to my ebook store to buy some more of your books this morning (finished Sock Wars over breakfast - ok so maybe I did stay up most of the night to read it but that's my weird business ;)) anyway - nothing else by Maia Sepp - like I'm supposed to believe that's ALL you can sell me. So, please save the life of several epub booksellers and do publish another one soon? Perhaps your sleepiest fan today.

Maia Sepp said...

Thanks so much for your comment, you made my day! My next book is coming out this December...add yourself to my mailing list ( to get an email when it comes out, or drop me an email.

Thanks again!