Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Solstice, Ya'll!

My better half, John, and I spent the last week at a ski resort that's usually bustling with snow enthusiasts this time of the year. Instead, the slopes were green and the resort was post Apocalypse-ishly deserted.

We consoled ourselves by sitting in front of a fire with eggnog and good books, venturing out periodically to try one of the five open runs, and then eating yummy steak (we had an excellent view of the local steakhouse from our apartment window).

It finally started to snow right before we left for home, which was the perfect solstice present from Mother Nature. And surviving the Mayan Apocalypse was nice too (oh, those Mayans). So happy solstice, ya'll.

Steakhouse, Snow, Solstice.
Photo by John Ross.

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