Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog Hop!

This post is a part of bestselling author Terri Giuliano Long's "Celebrating Bloggers" blog hop that's currently underway.  Please drop by her blog and check out her work when you get a second.

Why I love Bloggers!

Want to know what to read this weekend? Which big name writer is paying for reviews? Or maybe you're curious about which mega bestselling Alphabet series writer recently publicly dissed indies. Bloggers will tell you all about it, and – bless their hearts – they'll generally do so without sparing the snark.

I read a lot, and I'm endlessly fascinated with what's going on in the book biz and with other writers these days. Luckily for all of us, people from all parts of the industry are blogging their little hearts out.

My taste, like most readers, is pretty eclectic, and that's reflected in the blogs I read, which range from Kristine Rusch's prescient industry commentary in The Business Rusch to's hard-hitting reporting on the letters of the alphabet.

One of my favourite blog sites is Insatiable Booksluts, whose posts include what books to read (right this second!) and features like Reading Rage Tuesdays (RRTs). RRTs include such diverse topics as The Most Depressing Books I've Ever Read and voting crappy characters off the island. As it happens, I have a friend who passionately hates Tuesdays and reading RRT posts dovetails nicely with his real life anti-Tuesday ranting (it's even a little therapeutic, honestly).

After I'm done cleansing my island and want to work on my word nerd status, I swing by's blog to learn about the action packed history of the letter G. I also love to find new writers and what they're up to. Who knew that fashion could be murder? Or that the Apocalypse could be hilarious? Where should I go when I get a yen to curl up with a Victorian cozy?  And where can I read about an author who juggles being a bestseller and blogging about the all things literary with helping you make dessert?

I've worked in the tech sector for about a decade and a half...until now. Tomorrow is my very last day, and I'm leaving to write full time. I don't know if i would have taken the step of quitting my job and stepping into the Indie domain if I didn't have access to so much timely, in depth - and often hilarious - information about what's going on in the booksphere these days. It's a generous community, and I'm very grateful to an OMG-I-quit-my-job-and-I'm-probably-going-to-end-up-homeless kind of a way. (Hold me!)

What do you like about book bloggers and blogging? Have you found any great new writers because of a book blog you read? What's your favourite blog? Dish in the comments!