Friday, November 17, 2006

Gay Penguins are Taking Over the World!

I'm ashamed to say that up until this week I hadn't heard about the gay penguin situation at the New York Central Park Zoo. Why am I ashamed? Well, the simple truth of it is, I love penguins. I want a penguin. I watched "March of the Penguins" about five times more than is reasonable. And I'm heading out tonight to see the animated Penguin-fest, "Happy Feet", which opens this weekend.

John has always said that our house isn't set up for a pet penguin, but then we caught a news story a while back about a family that has adopted a wild penguin. The penguin refuses to leave, and even has his own air-conditioned room, so he doesn't get too hot. I say if they can do it, so can we. I don't know which room we'll give up for the penguin; probably John's office.

Anyway, putting aside my tragic penguin-less status, Peter Parnell, a playwright, and Justin Richardson, an assistant professor of psychiatry (who are, themselves, partners), recently penned a children's book called "And Tango Makes Three", that chronicles the story of Roy and Silo, the New York penguins who adopted Tango when she was just an eggling. When asked why they wrote the book, Richardson responded:

We're hoping kids will love it and beg their parents to read it again and again, since children are bumping into children from these same-sex families at school and at birthday parties. This [book] makes it comfortable for parents to talk about these families.

Seems pretty healthy/sane/reasonable to me, but it seems that some parents object to shelving the book in the children's section. They want to "(m)ove the book to the library's regular shelves and restrict it to a section for mature issues, perhaps even requiring parental permission before a child can check it out."

So far, school officials are hanging tough, and the book is still shelved in the kiddie section. It has, however, been moved to the non-fiction section at the Rolling Hills' Consolidated Library in Missouri, at the request of two parents.

Seriously, this is the kind of stuff I just can't figure out. What's the harm in reading this book? Is it because gay penguins are trying to convert us to their gay penguin agenda? Wait, I can see it now! I understand: gay penguins are taking over the world!!! Lock your doors, people!


PS. Go see Happy Feet!


piika said...

when I was little my mother used to take me and my sisters to the library and I kept wandering into the adult fiction to the vexation of the librarian who insisted to my mother that I couldn't go there.... my mother promptly told her that I could read whatever I wanted to.

Maia said...

I did the same thing! I was reading adult fiction by the time I was in grade 4 or 5. They thought I was a freak at my school.