Friday, July 28, 2006

What She Said

There's a Toronto agent who very rarely accepts submissions who's currently accepting 50 pages. My problem? The first 50 really are the weakest in the book, and need - yet again - more work. I think I'm finally getting the fact that if an agent/editor/reader/inmate in loony bin don't like the first page or two, they're going to put the book down.

I popped over to the Lipstick Chronicles for some constructive procrastination, and lo and behold, I see that Nancy Martin posted just this week on deadlines and rewrites. Her column is definitely worth a read, particularly since (a) she's a REAL writer and (b) uh, she knows what she's doing:

Today I'm celebrating letting go. Trusting your reader friends or your agent or your editor to step in and point out what needs to be done. And doing what they tell you to do because they're the ones who are thinking straight.
That's where I'm trying to get. Sounds simple, but knowing me I'll fail in unexpected and creative new ways.

I'm also synopsizing (hey, that's not a word!) my little heart out, again, since a number of plot points have changed since the last time I did one. I'm beginning to wonder if I ever really will finish, and why it is that I can't seem to get this right. On the other hand, I worked up the courage this week to read through the comments of my trusty editor and one of my first readers, and I'm actually feeling pretty positive about things. Trust me, for someone of Scandinavian heritage, this is a major victory.


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