Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rejection, thy Name is Maia

Well, there you have it. My first query has been met with a resounding 'no', so I've officially started down the path to bitter, unpublished, (slightly crazy), Canadian writer. On top of that, I have been sick as a dog this week.

I need a hug.

In times like this, I find it helps to turn to, which has some truly hilarious rejections side by side with some even funnier commentary.

Happy almost weekend, everyone. I'm going back to sleep now.



piika said...

Don't worry - I've started developing a binder just for rejection letters from art councils and galleries. I also have one for the acceptances and they're about equal. Keep trying.

Anonymous said...

Keep at it, and get thy self out of bed. You've now entered a new realm (without herb gatherers) complete with a set of balls and just by completeing a novel and sending out queries have accomplished much more than most.

jamie ford said...

I can't remember what which major writers convention it is, but they have a contest to see who has the most rejections. They actually weigh all your rejection letters. The winner was a guy who had 26 pounds of paper. He eventually got a book published. He writes novelizations of Star Trek episodes or something.

Amen with anonymous.

Be proud of where you're at and keep going forward.

Sonny Shine said...

My children's books have gathered seven years of rejection notices. It is said that the first book is the hardest to get published, but once you do get a publisher, they will come to you like a moth to the flame for more of your work. Henry Holt publishers once gave me a nibble, but no bite. So now I am thinking of self publishing since my children's Indian art books would only attract people here in the Pacific Northwest. Keep trying!

Liza Palmer said...

When I sent out my first batch of four queries I was such a newbie I didn't even know what this mythical SASE was - I went around actively pronouncing it "Sayse."

When I figured it out - I re-sent the queries with the proper Self Addresses Stamped Envelope (SASE...echem).

One agent used my newly sent SASE'd letter to scrawl on my query, "I didn't like it the first time".


Maia said...


Thanks, & will do.

Maia said...


No herb gatherers, eh? I will miss them.


Maia said...

Thanks, Jamie.

26 pounds???? That's a crazy amount of paper. Crazy!

Maia said...

Thanks Sonny. You too!

Maia said...


Holy mother of god. That's so awful it's almost funny. (Almost).