Saturday, June 03, 2006

Racism in Publishing

I've been reading Millenia Black's blog ever since she was nice enough to post a comment here back in January. In April she wrote a really distressing post about the situation that arose when she went to submit her second book to her publisher. What happened? They refused to publish unless she changed the race of her main characters from white to black. (Millenia is black, and was told, essentially, that she had to write 'African-American oriented' fiction in order to get published.)

She blogged about what happened but later removed the post and replaced it with a note that she was abstaining from posting for a bit while she tried to deal with the situation IRL. I've checked back in at her blog a number of times now, and am pleased to see she's back in the fray. Congrats to Ms. Black on winning her battle to have her work produced exactly as she wrote it. What she did takes courage.

What's the best way for us to support Millenia? I think that continuing to follow her blog and offering support is one way. Buying her soon-to-be published book is another. I'm going to do both.



Ancient Reader said...

Ancient Reader says:


This is fantastic, really. Just to have people identify with a proper cause when they see one is delightful and that speaks volumes on this blog.

Its just too bad that so many people are willing to enjoy fruits from trees that others have planted, but they themselves wouldn't sow as much as one mustard seed.

Every American, minorities and Caucasians should feel some sense of rage and shame to see this kind of racial behavior being carried out by such an affluent and prestigious publisher in this day and time.

Do you mean to say that people have lost so much civil and social integrity?

Millenia Black said...

Hi Maia - just wanted to pop in and say thank you so much for your support! I need every bit of it because this really is an uphill battle.


Maia said...

Ancient Reader:
I'm actually Canadian :), but I agree we should all be outraged by this kind of situation.
Do you mean to say that people have lost so much civil and social integrity?
From what Millenia and others have posted about this situation, it seems to be status quo with some publishers, so it's hard to say if they've lost any integrity if there was none there to begin with.

Thanks for stopping by,

Maia said...


You're more than welcome.

I wish you great success - with your book & your battle.