Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pre-ordering Books and Giving up on Getting the Book Monkey off my Back

As if my fiction addiction wasn't already totally out of control, I've recently discovered the joy of pre-ordering books. It's a great way to ensure you get your hot little hands on books as soon as they're published, and it's also a great way to support your favourite writers. I'm not sure what the impact of pre-orders have on the success of a writer's book (and I'll do some more digging on this when I get a chance), but I have to assume it's good news for everyone involved.

That being said, I pre-ordered two books the other day; Sandra Scopettone's Too Darn Hot, the sequel to the fabulous This Dame for Hire - due out this month - and The Great Betrayal by Millenia Black, due out later this year. is a great spot to pickup out of print books, but don't forget that writers don't get royalties on used books, so if you want your favourite novelists to be able to keep turning out books you love, buy new.



jamie ford said...

I have soooooo many books I need to read. I end up reading three at a time, which is kind of ridiculous. I even have two books in the car.

Plus I go nuts whenever I go to the library. I'll check out 20 at a time, and skim the ones I'm curious about before I latch on to one or two to actually read.

Maia said...

I always carry one in my purse, in case I have to wait for something/one. I was at the bookstore yesterday and I had to drag myself out after I picked up the 5th book. Once it starts hitting $100 I try to stop.

I have a problem.