Thursday, June 08, 2006

Everest Update has posted some more titbits on their website regarding the controversial death of British climber David Sharp:

Experienced expedition leaders on the mountain have voiced their opinion that the location of David should have made it possible, easy even, for 2 sherpas to put him in a sleeping bag and drag him down. (EverestNet)
They've posted the names of the 40 climbers who walked past Sharp on their way to the summit as well as the fact that Sharp was filmed by a Discovery Channel camera crew shortly before he died. Sharp's mother has stated publicly that she does not blame anyone for her son's death, but that she does not want the specific details of his demise to be made public. Hopefully the video won't be shown against her wishes.

There's a Discovery Channel special on Everest currently showing Monday mornings at 10 (no, I don't really have a job) that chronicles a 2003 summit attempt. This past Monday they showed a corpse which was decomposed enough so you couldn't identify it, but not decomposed so badly that you couldn't read the logo on the trendy winter wear. While I understand that many climbers want to stay on the mountain if they perish there, I really feel for family members who might see their loved ones in that kind of condition.

In any case, the Discovery Channel series is pretty interesting; set your VCR and check it out if you get the time.



jst a mes said...

We all have our own Everests. Just hope no one passes by me when I'm in the middle of a death throe.

I have a copy of the imax doc Everest in VHS no less. Remind me.

Maia said...

Jst a mes:

Thx for the offer - I have that DVD on order, but it's taking forever...