Thursday, May 25, 2006

Steaks the Size of Your Head

I'm a red meat kind of gal, but I ordered a hamburger today that was, quite literally, the biggest I've ever seen in my life. It was so large I had to cut away about 1/3 of it so I could wrap my hand around the bun. I couldn't finish it, didn't touch my fries, and really, really wanted a nap afterwards.

Where the hell am I, you ask? Calgary, where the hotel porters wear cowboy hats and vegetarians are considered freaks of nature. I'm here on business and am hoping to put the final polish on my book while I'm here, whiling away the nights in my hotel room. I get horrifically lonely when I'm traveling on business, even though I almost never feel lonely usually, being the uber intense, loner writer and all. (This probably doesn't bode well for my eventual book tours.) In any case, I was very pleasantly surprised to find an exquisite bouquet of flowers in my hotel room when I got back from work this evening, courtesy of some 007-ish wrangling from BHJ. Thanks BHJ!


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