Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Fat Lady Rises!

I posted last week that the fat lady had 'officially sung' in the case of Kaavya Vishvanathan, a Harvard student whose debut novel was recently yanked off the shelves amid an uber cyber (and RL) kafuffle regarding charges of having "lifted" (I love that word) portions of Megan McCafferty's book, "Sloppy Firsts".

Looks like I know precisely nothing. Her publisher has now issued a statement saying that they won't be publishing an updated (eg. de-plagiarised) version of her debut novel and have pulled out out their two book contract. On top of all that, there are now claims that portions of the novel also resemble a second book, the bestselling "Can You Keep A Secret", by Sophie Kinsella.

Now I really want to know: will she have to give the money back?


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