Friday, April 21, 2006

Techno Woes

So I'm beta testing some Blackberry software for work, which means that my personal email is all forwarded to my pager right now. It's fairly common for geeks to sleep with their pagers (who says we don't have exciting lives?) so I was awakened last Monday morning at 5:43 by a friend who was innocently sending out an email. This, of course, leads me to the question; is all this technology making our lives any better? At 5:43 on a Monday, my answer would have to be no.

And in an update on my endless laptop catastrophes, my laptop is almost unusable after falling off of a stack of books. I wasn't even near it when it happened, so it's hard to pin this one on myself. Unfortunately, this is not the best news, since I'm STILL trying to finish my third draft.

Last weekend I did a full read-through of the book from beginning to end, mostly to check for pacing and flow. Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that the story is just not finished. This was not exactly a welcome realization. I'm going to muddle through this weekend and see if I can get any closer to completion. I'll keep ya posted.

In other literary news, Julie Powell, author of the wonderful "Julie and Julia" has just won the first Blooker award. Congrats to her.



MrMystic said...

Hey I like the new look.

Maia said...

Many thanks, Mr Mystic.