Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Extreme! Gardening!

Well, my version, anyway. Meaning, gardening in rain.

My backyard is still a big soupy mess, but the tiny front patch we have is full of bulbs that have started to peek up. I can't find half my tools and had to improvise a kneeling pad out of a bath towel, but I succeeded in planting the cutest darn pansies you've ever seen today. I now have that familiar, maddening feeling of not being able to get all of the dirt from underneath my fingernails. I have short and stubby man-nails so you'd think it wouldn't be all that hard. But it is.

I've now made it halfway through the edit of my third draft, which is a good thing. The first half of the book takes place in the winter and the second half in the summer, so I'm more in tune with action in the part of the book that needs the most work, now that spring has finally arrived.

I find it challenging to write out of season, probably because my life (and my characters) are so closely tied to seasonal activities, like gardening, sailing, patio hopping. It's nice to actually see the sun while you're writing about the sun, and since Toronto is engulfed in a morose grey from November to late March, I'm thrilled to have it back. There's something about the weather that helps set the tone for scenes, I think.

On another note, BHJ and I had the good fortune to attend an event in the Toronto Storyteller series last Sunday, which was the "Cabaret: Letting Down our Hair" performance at the Lula Lounge. Dinner was excellent and the storytelling was eminently entertaining. Nice to see that the oral tradition of storytelling is still alive and well. All in all, a great night, and definitely something that we'll check out again next year.



Sonny Shine said...

I do a veggie garden every year. Except this year there will be no veggie garden as the vacent back lot I used to grow my crops has been sold to developers. They want to put 80 Townhouses on five acres! At least I will still have my flower garden on my own property. Viking Girl, have you ever met any Native American Indian's like me? I'm Alaskan Athabascan Indian and we are known to have a wierd sense of humor too, but in the sexual sense. Hey, It was Alaska and it's dark six months of the year-there isn't anything else to do or talk about! So we joke about sex and tell ancient tales in the dark of winter. Tell me a tall tale of Nordic origin or a sexy joke and I would laugh with you. Don't be a stranger.

Kim said...

That is one of the only downsides about gardening, the dirt under the fingernails.
I know that I could use gloves.
Somehow gardening with gloves doesn't feel right, not primal enough.

MrMystic said...

Nice new look to your blog.

Maia said...


I'm sorry to hear that you're losing your garden. Is there a community garden near you you can get space at?

I have never been to Alaska, but I'd like to. I have been to Estonia during the white nights, but I've never seen 6 months of darkness, although Toronto can get pretty grey during the winter months.

I'm going to have to think about a tall tale and get back to you :)

Take care,

Maia said...


I'm the same way, I've tried but just can't garden with gloves on. I like putting my hands in the earth.


Maia said...

Mr Mystic:

Thanks muchly!