Thursday, February 02, 2006

All I want for Christmas is...

Well. I realize it's a little early to be talking about Christmas, but would you believe that we only took our tree down a little over a week ago? You should. BHJ takes Christmas very seriously. Unnaturally seriously, if you ask me, but I guess that's a discussion better suited to couples counselling.

So the point is - in a little tidbit we can file under "no big surprise to those who know me", I have some issues Issues so severe that we buy our glasses by the crate and thank one of the great Swedish Gods (Ikea) for carrying a lovely white wine glass collection. But I don't just stop at breaking glass; my butterfingers and I have ruined two laptops over the course of writing the book, in both cases because I spilled water on the keyboard. The last time was right before Christmas, when, after having a close call with my laptop six months previously, I drenched it AGAIN. There was no hope of revival, despite much hairdryer-ing, praying and wringing of hands. And I am not much for the wringing of the hands. BHJ saved the day by buying me a new laptop as an impromptu Christmas gift, so I guess his Christmas obsession is not such a bad thing after all.

Obviously, all of this destruction can get expensive, soI was thrilled to find out that MIT, technogeek paradise extraordinare, is currently working on a $100 laptop. Unfortunately, they're only going to be available for students, but if I have to go back to school to get my hands on one, I just might. Since it's not in production yet (and, really, just meant for kids), I have to buy second-hand, twelve pound, terrible laptops that can basically only be used as a typewriter or dumb terminal that connects to a server (server = big ass computer). Luckily, there is a used computer store a half a block away where they now know us by name. So I guess I can live without the $100 laptop. (That's US dollars, anyway).

My laptops are not the only devices I use that are in danger. When I'm not busy annihilating my computers, I'm likely out and about with one of those funky Blackberry devices, which I use to email ideas, images, snippets of dialogue, visual cues, etc. to my home email address, which I file and go through later. The downside is that people think that you're rude when you're constantly - what appears to be - carrying on a text conversation with someone. But hey, it's better than calling my home number and pretending to carry on a real conversation with someone; my sanity is tenuous enough as it is. On one hand, I try to keep my friends all liquored up anyway, so people barely notice my texting. On the other hand, I'm not so good with the Blackberry devices either - seeing as how the last one also met an untimely death by water when it fell off my belt and got flushed down the... Okay, you get my point.

The sad truth is, I'm clumsy. I was a clumsy kid and I've grown into a clumsy adult, which is not so good for an avid skier (all those trees!). Or, really, a writer. I've been thinking quite seriously about getting an adult sized sippy cup lately, because I just can't afford any more laptop disasters. Christmas will be here in another eleven months, so if anyone sees a Maia-proof sippy cup, please consider picking one up for me. Or at least let me know where I can get one.



Mr-Mystic said...

Only 316 shopping days left until Christmas.

Maia said...

Yup. I have high hopes :)