Saturday, January 14, 2006

Why Viking Girl?

Why, indeed. Well, it stems from the fact that my father's side of the family is from a wee country across the Baltic Sea from Finland called Estonia. Estonians and Finns are essentially first cousins and both speak Finno-Ugric languages. Finnish is a more complex language but the pronunciation is identical and the base words are the often the same; when I ended up in Helsinki in the 90's, running terrifyingly late and without enough money to get to the airport, I was able to sweet-talk my cab driver into shuttling me and my Esto-Canadian butt there on time. I spoke Estonian, he spoke Finnish, and we got along just fine.

Now, since most people have never heard of Estonia, but pretty much everyone has heard about Vikings - who were running rampant through the area lo these many years ago - I sometimes just simplify things by calling myself a Viking. Surely, I have Viking blood in these veins, but more importantly, I like the fear factor that that inspires. On top of that, I think I'd be much better at pillaging than I am at my regular job - I mean, did they have to work long hours and deal with cranky customers? I doubt it. I bet that the Viking complaint department was pretty deserted because of, you know, the fact that they'd likely kill anyone nervy enough to cough up a grievance.

Plus, I'm short and solid, with wrists the size of tree trunks. Good strong Viking bones, twice - no, three times! - the size of normal Canadians. I am not a girly girl.

So, that's the story behind my domain name. It's really all in good fun, I don't actually want to pillage anyone. What I DO want is one of those funky Viking hats, though. That would be an awesome birthday present.


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ulla nystrom said...

Very possible that you have Viking blood in you, however, Finns and Estonians were not Vikings.
Neither were we Scandinavians, which is usually how I describe myself in Canada. There is some chance Scandinavia rings a bell, forget about Finland....
(I know, I know, it's beside Switzerland! claimed someone once. Usually, I face a blank stare.....)
Good luck with your novel!