Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bookstores, the Mailman, and Getting a Fix

I just got back from a trip to the bookstore, and, as usual, it's one of the highlights of my day/week/month. As an unabashed book-aholic, heading for the local bookstore always provides me with a much needed fix.

I generally find it difficult to decide which books I'm going to buy, and since I'm tightening my fiscal belt these days, today I told myself I was only allowed to get one book. Since discovering I've been able to get my hands on a lot of hard to find and out of print books (not just for me, I've given a bunch to friends. Okay, four. Okay! Three.) I've decided I have to stop that for now, because books were rolling into the house at such a spectacular speed that my bank account almost seized up on me. I wonder if my mailman knows that he's also my pusher...

But the bookstore is the stomping ground for finding new lit, and I still get a little weak-kneed when I walk in the door. All those spines waiting to be cracked, all that paper waiting to flip through your hands, all of those book pheromones wafting by. Instead of wasting all that time searching through the shelves for a book, I'd rather just buy the whole damn store and move in.

I am currently saving up for this.

But back to the present. So many choices - mystery? new releases? business? American? Canadian? All of the above?

I'm trying to work through more Canadian authors these days, but I have to admit I'm finding it difficult. A lot of the Canadian work that I've come accross hasn't really spoken to me, although on the other hand, I've had the deep pleasure of discovering Will Ferguson, playwrights Trey Anthony and Claudia Dey, Anne Ireland, Lesley Krueger. Today I picked up Giller finalist Lisa Moore's "Open". I'm looking forward to a good read. (I'm also ordering two Seth Godin books for my better half's birthday next week, and then I'm done book buying for now, I swear!)

As I was cashing out, I noticed a pile of the James Frey book "A Million Little Pieces" stacked beside the cash, the same book that's recently been slapped with the novelized memoir/fictionalized-non-fiction label. I'm curious to see how things shake out with him on Larry King tonight.

Cheers & happy reading,

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